Meta is HERE!!!

Intro: Oftentimes I find myself wondering why artists write certain rhymes or what inspired them to write a song and what they were going through outside of music that influenced songs/ EP’s/ albums. For META, I decided to open up my mind and briefly tell you about each song as a bonus to this EP. For those of you who are true supporters, REAL fans, META is only part 1 of 3 EP’s that all connect together to make METANOIA (the journey of changing one’s heart, mind or way of life). My only request is that you FIRST listen to META BEFORE you read so you can fully experience this journey with me.

Money: If anyone cares..

This song sets the tone for this EP, this is all about HEART. The desires hidden in the heart, the appetites of the heart and why they're rooted. My perspective on money isn't the popular "root of all evil" because I see it as a tool, no different than the passions we keep in our HEART. I love money and I believe CURRENCY (money) is energy and since energy never dies you have a choice to open yourself up to receiving that energy or shut down and push it away.

So Cold: If anyone cares..

Inspired by a break up, this was the first song that jump started the process for me to start writing META. I experienced a lot of new spaces through the life of this relationship but towards the end I was at war with myself because who I was becoming wasn't aligned with my true desires. I had to force myself to be honest with myself & truly ask what I wanted vs. what I needed..

- My heart tends to pull me into situations and even though I want the best for everyone, we all make mistakes and have to live with our choices. The question that lingers is, was walking away a mistake or was staying the mistake?..

I’m Focused (Oh-Oh): If anyone cares..

During the moments I was writing this I decided to let the melodies guide me instead of the lyrics..

I found the theme is centered around love & loyalty- I like to think they're 2 primary weights that influence how the heart beats for friends, family, & self. Loyalty, like love, will drive a man/ woman through many tests however, when you're loyal, despite the evils this person/ belief has, you will not allow your love to distract/ tear you from that allegiance.. You're FOCUSED.

When I speak of love, it is powerful, however, oftentimes we unknowingly misinterpret love & that misinformation has the fuel to push us to self destruction or destroying the relationship, if we let it. Love is free, love knows no limits and because of this we can find ourselves acting in ways that goes against our best self. We may not be able to control who we fall in love with, but we sure as hell can choose who to be loyal to..

SUICIDE: If anyone cares..

Risk factors:

*History of alcohol and substance abuse

*Feelings of hopelessness

*Impulsive or aggressive tendencies

*Loss (relational, social, work, or financial)

*Easy access to lethal methods

*Isolation, a feeling of being cut off from other people

The above risk factors describe a number of my friends & family.. Even myself at times. Suicide has been treated like taboo in my upbringing, even talking about it would get my elders moving to silence the energy. I believe suicide can be a beautiful thing, especially when we are putting to rest an old, outdated version (thoughts, habits, beliefs) of ourselves to make room for a better YOU to serve your purpose. This song is meant for you to sing about your struggle, to dance away the shame of pain and embrace the scars that now shape the greater being inside you.

META- Beyond.